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Download our free Grobblechops mask template and get creative this Halloween!

It is very important that children are accompanied by an adult during this activity, especially when using scissors. 

Step 1: After printing out your mask template, you should have four sheets. Using scissors, cut out the face template. You can trim it to fit your face, if needed. Don’t forget to cut out holes for the eyes!

Step 2: Cut out the remaining three sheets for Grobblechops’ mane. Now you can colour or paint your own unique Grobblechops! Watercolours and oil pastels are great for experimenting with blending colours.

Step 3: Now that your Grobblechops is bright and colourful, you can work on making your mask 3D. Cut scrap paper into strips and fold the strips to get make the paper ‘bouncy’. You can also fringe bits of scrap paper to create an eyelash effect. Arrange and stick these onto your Grobblechops mane.

Step 4: To make it sturdy, draw an outline of your mask onto card. Then back it onto card using Sellotape.

Step 5: Using scissors or a pen, pierce two holes on either side of your mask. Guide the string or ribbon through the holes and tie your mask in place.

Step 6: Wear your very own Grobblechops mask with pride! Don’t forget to send us in a photo using the hashtag #Grobblechops!

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