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Make a little fish for Mother Ocean Day!

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To celebrate Mother Ocean Day and all of the amazing creatures under the sea, we’ve got a fun craft for kids inspired by our award-winning book The Little Black Fish!

All about celebrating differences and daring to be different, The Little Black Fish is an inspiration to all who read about him! To make your own little black fish, you will need:

  • the carboard from a toilet roll
  • scissors (adult supervision needed!)
  • paint
  • PVA glue
  • Kitchen roll


  1. Flatten your toilet roll
  2. With your adult helper, cut a rounded end for the fish’s head and two little triangles either side for the tail
  3. Decorate your fish with paints, sequins or whatever you want!

Try it out yourself – watch the video below!



  • A wonderful gallery of this book in the Guardian. Link
  • An introduction by David Almond in the Guardian. Link
  • Read more: The Little Black Fish is added to The International Youth Literature Collection!
  • The Little Black Fish selected among the best children’s books of the year by the Guardian. Link


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