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We knew Jackie Morris as a prominent figure in the field of children’s books illustrations. She stands out as an artist. It has hardly fair to go by without saying that a good number of children -and their parents – grow up with fond memories of her illustrations in the books they have read. She tweeted about Tiny Owl Publishing several times today. In one of them she wrote:

@TinyOwl_Books You may be a tiny owl, but you are a very wise one! Tiny Owl publish both beautiful and important books.


So glad @TinyOwl_Books take up space on my bookshelves. They Should be in every child’s library.

She Carried on:


In another she has mentioned one of our books, When I coloured in the World, and said:

This book would have been so perfect for me when I was young….. About colour, so very much more. Love @TinyOwl_Books.


And She added:

Every day I try to colour it bright, even on those cold days when I feel so black and white.


We love Jackie’s artistic views and works, and we are proud of her compliments. Publishing quality books has been our promise to our audience, and to take a step in that direction we have introduced a number of talented authors and artists to our ever growing audience. It is important for us to keep following this goal.

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