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The Parrot and the Merchant
The Parrot and the Merchant

Read a review of The Parrot and the Merchant by Ferelith Hordon for IBBY Link.


A fable always has a moral, and so a moral is very much part of The Parrot and the Merchant, a tale based on a fable by Rumi. This Attractive story is brought very much into today not only by making the central character a woman, but through the illustrations that both enchant and challenge. The artist, Vafaian looks back to the colours of Persian miniatures and their paradise gardens in the colours used for the flowing robes and the feathers of the birds. These are juxtaposed with the human characters who are distributing and grotesque – perhaps, a subtle comment on the narrative with its clever twist at the end.

An extract from The Parrot and the Merchant


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