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Instead of the standard New Year’s resolutions we are all making right now, we should try something different. In Italy after midnight on New Year’s Eve they eat lentils. The round coin-like shape of them is meant to represent money. If you start the new year eating lentils you will be lucky with money for the whole year. We start as we mean to go on.

Chalk Eagle

Perhaps we should base our New Year’s resolutions on the message offered by Chalk Eagle, a wordless picture book about a boy who draws an eagle out of chalk so that he can fly around on the eagle and explore. It is a tale about the power of the imagination, which carries a message of hope that we can have all kinds of adventures so long as we can imagine them.

Wordless picture books have no limit to the words that they can speak. Our imagination allows us to make endless possibilities out of the story which we are reading. The boy and his eagle can go anywhere: India, America, France, even countries which do not exist outside of our own heads. He can meet pirates, highwaymen, and friendly monsters. Nazli Tahvili’s illustrations are simple and bold; they jump off the page towards us. They allow our imagination to know no bounds.

Children have the most powerful imaginations. Their minds can fly across borders, languages, and cultures. In Chalk Eagle all children can travel across the world and still understand each other. Differences in tradition and culture don’t get in the way of their desire for adventure. We should begin this year the way we want to go on by taking a leaf out of Chalk Eagle and using the power of our imagination to believe in a world without borders, language barriers or prejudice.

Chalk Eagle

Chalk Eagle will be published on the 29th January 2018, and is available to pre-order now.


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