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You may have heard of the Persian storyteller Rumi and his fables. But who was he? Born in what is now Afghanistan in the 13th century, he was a Sufi mystic, ethical philosopher, teacher and world-renowned poet. His works have been translated into many languages and media, and they include themes of peace, love and religious philosophy.
Rumi has told many wonderful stories that still have millions of fans all around the world. Their appeal comes from the way they combine deep philosophical ideas with stunningly imaginative stories.
Two of Rumi’s fables have been published in English as picture books by Tiny Owl: The Parrot and the Merchant, and The Jackal who thought he was a Peacock. Both of these tales use animal characters to provide important morals for human readers.
What’s more, later this year Tiny Owl will be publishing a third tale by Rumi, and it will be our first picture book for older readers. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!
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