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The Little Eli collection
Just in time for Christmas shopping…

Little Eli is now in stock! Our new set of wordless picture books, stunningly illustrated by Italian illustrator Laura Bellini, can be ordered now from here.

Little Eli may be small but he has big dreams. In fact, for a dragonfly, you could say that Little Eli’s aspirations are sky-high. In his crumbling house, Little Eli sets off on a big adventure with a pack of cards, a box of eggs and a set of pencils. What’s the idea? To create towers as tall as can be. However, there are challenges along the way and it all seems to go wrong. But nothing can deter this dragonfly as Little Eli thinks of imaginative solutions to build his towers of dreams. This is a story of willpower and imagination, with appeal for all ages.

With its unusual large-format size, and housed in a beautiful slipcase, Little Eli makes a perfect set of gift books, ideal for Christmas. The beautiful and quirky illustrations in these wordless books can be enjoyed by readers of any age.









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