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This is the drum, this is the beat!

Music fans everywhere, rejoice in this fun book trailer for The DrumRaise your spirits with a fun drum-beat, which creates the setting for Ken Wilson-Max, author of The Drum, to read a couple of lines from his book. With bright and vivid illustrations, this trailer is sure to make your heart soar, as you see children of all races, cultures, and backgrounds enjoying the beat of the drum.

Fall in love with the magic of the drum in this fantastic picture book, which is guaranteed to get you and your baby dancing to the beat. It’s first in our new Children.Music.Life series, created by award-winning author and illustrator Ken Wilson-Max. This series explores different musical instruments from around the world and how they make you feel and move! So play your drum and get moving with your baby!

The next installment of the exciting new Children.Music.Life series is The Flute which will be coming out March 2019.

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