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Enjoy Fair Shares this autumn!

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Over the last few months, we have had to change our lives completely in order to help ourselves and those around us! Fair Shares shows us how important it is to not think our needs are the exact same as someone else’s. We are all different and our abilities reflect that! Here are a few more reasons why Fair Shares is a must-read!

  1. Fair Shares highlights the difference between equity and equality in a fun and easy way. This is an important lesson to learn at any age! We strive for equality but we also have to remember that some need that little bit extra in order to achieve it.
  2. Hare and Bear are the best of friends! Fair Shares shows us how to be great friends, by listening to each other’s needs and allowing everyone to be themselves!
  3. Anna Doherty’s colour scheme is reminiscent of autumn, with loads of orange, green and yellow! Fair Shares brings the cosy, warm feeling of the season all year round. Enrich your reading with Anna’s fantastic activities here!
  4. Hare and Bear use chairs to get the pears! Pippa Goodhart’s use of rhyming in different sections the story gives a lyrical quality when reading aloud. The story flows from one page to the next.
  5. Wait until you get to the end! Fair Shares has a little surprise up its sleeve. I won’t give anything else away, why not find out what it is for yourself!

Fair Shares is an inspiring tale of friendship and fairness. As we look towards returning to school, it is a timely tale for all young readers.

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