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The New Baby and Me
The New Baby and Me!

We’ve been inviting people to share their own experience of introducing a new sibling into their family. Becca, a mother of four, sent us this heartwarming response over Facebook. Thank you Becca! Read it below: 

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Paul and I have been married for thirteen years and we have four boys, Ernest is 10 years old, Arthur is 8, Abraham 6 and Solomon is just about to turn 3.

The morning I found out I was pregnant with Solomon I woke up around 5:30am and took the test, having woken Paul up to tell him. He just went back to sleep in disbelief. We were soon joined by Ernest, who saw the test, and being a perceptive little chap, he asked “what’s that?” Before we were able to answer he answered himself and said, “Is it a pregnancy test? Are you pregnant?” So, we told him then, but also asked him to keep it to himself as we’d only just found out and the baby is very little at the moment. He was excited. He loves being a big brother and the thought of another child was not a surprise.

The new baby is almost here!

I can’t remember when the other two found out. They were a bit younger; 4 and 2, so though they understood that there would be another baby they did not really know what that would mean to them. They are all pretty chilled out and once Solomon arrived they took it very much in their stride. Solomon was born in a hospital (unlike the previous three who had all been home births) so the older ones had stayed overnight at a friend’s house. We left the hospital a few hours after Solomon was born and Paul picked the older three up the following morning. There was not a lot of ‘managing’ of the situation – they just accepted him as one of the gang. Obviously once he started moving around there were different challenges with regards to all the Lego all over the house and Solomon’s desire to have everything his brothers have – but that’s just siblings. They all get on very well, most of the time. They are all very different in character and good fun. Life is very busy, what with all the washing, extra curricular activities, keeping the house and both Paul and I working – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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