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Happy Libraries Week!

By Maleeha Mir & Phyllida Jacobs

Ask for Tiny Owl books in your local library!

Libraries are a quiet, serene place where you can forget your troubles and sink into a great story. In a troubled world, they’re an oasis of safety and calm. They’re for everyone. Young or old, rich or poor, the only thing you need is a library card and the desire to read. But is this precious resource being under-valued?

In our technology-focused world, many children see books and libraries as a thing of the past. As a child I rarely visited the library, but when I did I would always wonder how so many books could fit into such a small space! I was amazed that I was allowed to read all of these books for free! Looking back, I realise how lucky I was to have a great local library. I should have taken advantage of it more often! 

Librarians are highly trained, knowledgeable and kind people. No matter what a child is interested in, they’ll find a book to suit them! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, they will often buy it for you or order it in from another branch. Many Tiny Owl books like Cinderella of the Nile and A Bottle of Happiness are stocked in public libraries. Next time you’re there, see if you can find one! There’s no limit to what you can discover! 

A page from our book There’s Room for Everyone

Libraries also hold so many fun-filled events and activities for children! These give children opportunities to hear stories read aloud, think about their reading more deeply, and have an overall more enriching reading experience. It’s a great way for parents to get involved with their children’s reading, but it also encourages children to read independently. 

In our highly commercialised world, there are very few things that are truly free. The price of entertainment is always rising and this can be a struggle for parents, especially in the school holidays. The average cinema ticket costs £7.49. But unlimited hours of reading fun? Completely free!

What’s more, they provide vital services for families like. Cuts to libraries hurt the most vulnerable in our society.

Every day, we hear about more and more libraries being shut down. This year we’ve seen a £66 million fall in spending on public libraries, a 5% decrease in paid staff and the closure of 105 library services. Opening hours are getting shorter, fewer books are available to borrow, and the invaluable knowledge of trained librarians is being lost as they are replaced by volunteers. Yet despite all this, 25o million people still visit the library every year! Tiny Owl strongly oppose all cuts to public libraries. We must fight to protect this precious national resource!

See you at the library!

Maleeha and Phyllida are interns at Tiny Owl

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