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The Snowman and the Sun is cleverly told through the eyes of the snowman!

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We’re delighted with this wonderful review of The Snowman and the Sun from Rebecca from Rhymes for Little Minds over on Instagram! Have a look!

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The Snowman and The Sun by Susan Taghdis and Ali Mafakheri This book is all about the water cycle, but what could be a DRY subject (ahem, sorry), has been cleverly told through the eyes of a snowman. ­ Our snowman starts by looking up at the sun and wondering what would happen if he melts. He then gets heated by the warm ground and turns into water droplets and floats into the sky to become a cloud. He then gets cold again and falls to the ground as snow. Finally, he gets made into a snowman again by a little boy. This book contains really charming illustrations with fresh little pops of colour on each page for interest. The writing is clear and concise, but also friendly. Your child will be learning stuff with them even realising! 〰️ The Snowman and The Sun 〰️ Author Susan Taghdis〰️ Illustrated by Ali Mafakheri 〰️ Published by @tiny_owl_publishing 〰️ Date Published: 1st September 2020 〰️ Thanks Tiny Owl for this gifted copy.

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