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Last is a 2020 favourite!

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Last is a deeply moving narrative

We’re delighted that Last: The Story of a White Rhino has been featured in Librarian’s Quest round-up of picture books in 2020! Have a read below.

LAST: The Story of a White Rhino (Tiny OwlSeptember 1, 2020) written and illustrated by Nicola Davies
This title is highlighted at Let’s Talk Picture Books.  Nicola Davies speaks about the book and her artistic process.
I am the last.
I’ve looked and looked,
but I’ve never found
another like me.
Told in the voice of the rhino, this is a deeply moving narrative.  The rhino begins in the zoo where he currently resides.  He takes us back to the death of his mother and being removed from the only home he has ever known.  He relates the sensory perceptions of his home versus the zoo.
He tells us he is not the only one that is the last.  The story takes a positive turn when the rhino is in a box again. He is home.  There is another rhino.  During his narrative, the artwork of Nicola Davies tells another story, the story of how this rhino finds himself back in the
old place.
The final page of the book relates the true story on which this book is based.
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