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Last is an important book about conservation and caring for nature

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Last is an intriguing book!

We’re delighted with this wonderful review of Last from Dolphin Booksellers! Read Sue Martin’s review below.

A rhino is out in a zoo in the middle of a grey city, where all he can do is pace back and forth. He fears he may be the last of his kind. Then one day, he is released back into the wild. Inspired by the true story of a white rhino called Sudan, this is an important book about conservation and caring for nature.

An intriguing book! There is so much to this picture book and it would be a wonderful resource for libraries, schools and  at home. I have spent ages looking at the illustrations which tell so much about the impact of being a last animal in a species ( how would we feel?) and what the world does or does not do to try and support endangered species.

Nicola has added a note at the front of the book;

‘Forget that this task of planet saving is not possible in the time required. Don’t be put off by people who know what is not possible. Do what needs to be done and check to see if it was impossible after you have done!’

The book moves in the same way and eventually after being shut in a small space Sudan the white rhino is taken back to Africa and to a place where he can smell the grass, the earth and the fat rain and his life goes on.

Nicola Davies is the author and illustrator; she is a writer and a zoologist and was one the original presenters of the BBC children’s wildlife programme. The Really Wild Show. She has written a number of books including picture books and fiction and nonfiction titles, such as Ice Bear and Dolphin Baby.

Tiny Owl publishers are an independent children’s book publishers specialising in beautiful and original books which bring exciting experiences from across the world to children.

A wonderful story and a great book, definitely one to buy right away.

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