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Last raises important issues about zoos, conservation, and poaching

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The text itself is sparse and poetic

We’re delighted that The Tiny Activist has featured Last: The Story of a White Rhino as part of their climate justice and sustainability round-up! Have a read below.

This book is based on the true story of Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino, although it’s relatively told as the rhino himself as the narrator. Pieced together by the bits of Sudan’s history we do know, the text itself is sparse and poetic.

I think this book raises an important issue about zoos, conservation, and poaching. The style of illustration isn’t my most favorite (which is of course a personal opinion and has little bearing on the importance of the story itself), but Last introduces young audiences to the idea of extinction. I appreciate that the story is based on a real rhino, because there are follow-up videos and photos that can be looked at afterwards to help explain and teach more continuing information to readers.

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