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Children will feel inspired to care for threatened species

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Last is incredibly powerful

We’re delighted with this fantastic review of Last: The Story of a White Rhino from Kate Heap over on Scope for Imagination! Read Kate’s review below.

Last is the story of Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhino in the world. When he was young, he was transported from his lush, brightly coloured home to a grey, lifeless city away from everything that gave him comfort and purpose. His mother was gone and he was left with emptiness and loneliness. He remembers his happy life, long ago in the old places, and longs to return to that life.

The unique illustrations depicting the dull, looming city are made up of the bleakness of advertising and the power of inspirational speeches. Written in a range of languages, our global responsibility is emphasised. We all need to speak up and take action in wildlife conservation. If things continue, we will all end up trapped in the urban jungle like the last rhino.

But there is a splash of hope and colour in his dark world. Someone is coming to help and the rhino finds himself back in a familiar place – the colours, the smells, life and freedom.

This book is incredibly powerful. Children will feel inspired to care for threatened species and want to make a difference. The depth of the illustrations allows readers to see right into the souls of these beautiful animals who are relying on humans to take action and take control of their tragic situation. The author encourages readers to do what needs to be done and see the world change for the better – one heart at a time.

Thank you to Tiny Owl for this important book!

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