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Happy Random Acts of Kindness Day! A day to encourage acts of kindness in all aspects of life, and to serve as a reminder that every day there are opportunities to be kind to others. Tiny Owl Publishing strongly values giving to others and treating others with respect, and the essence of kindheartedness is a thread throughout our children’s stories, particularly The Clever Mouse and The Orange House.


The Clever Mouse

Mr Koochi, a very clever mouse, seeks happiness and believes he will find true happiness upon marrying Princess Mouse. After making several promises to marry the princess and to never leave her side, Mr Koochi sees the princess for the first time… and regrets making any promises, for he does not find her beautiful.  And because she is not beautiful like he imagined, he does not think he will find true happiness with her. When Mr Koochi plans to leave Princess Mouse and never see her again, he opens his pack and to his own surprise, finds that the princess had packed him walnuts – his favourite snack! Mr Koochi realises that it is not what is on the outside that truly matters, but what is on the inside. Princess Mouse cared enough about Mr Koochi to bring walnuts just for him, and she did not expect anything in return. After Mr Koochi fights off bad mice to defend his princess, he finally understands that making judgements before knowing someone is wrong, kindness prevails and giving to others makes a difference. Mr Koochi and Princess Mouse then live happily ever after.


The Orange House

The Orange House is one of the oldest homes in an alleyway where only new, tall buildings stand. The Orange House does not possess any of the modern conveniences of the newer buildings, and grows upset when the other buildings marvel at a new house being built — even if that means the Orange House will be demolished by the workmen. When the buildings realise the impact their words have on the Orange House, they understand the importance of kindness and of recognising another’s perspective & their feelings. In the end, all of the buildings come together to protect the Orange House from being torn down by the workmen. The story details the importance of helping others in their time of need, and doing so without the expectation of a reward in return. The buildings make a collective effort to help the Orange House, leading to happy friendships.


Altruism is a remarkable quality, especially for young people, to recognise and embody in their daily lives. Reading is a platform for spreading this message, and sharing stories reinforces the kindness within all of us. In books like The Clever Mouse and The Orange House, kindness generates happiness, friendship and love. Even the smallest acts of kindness can leave a lasting impact, so go out and make a difference!


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