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This Mental Health Awareness Week, it is more important than ever to talk to each other. This global pandemic has caused people to become creative with their communications and how they keep in touch with family and friends. With the theme of kindness, Mental Health Awareness Week is a time for us to help each other and ourselves. It is a time to talk to children about what is happening around the world and stress the kindness that has been shown throughout this situation. People are coming together in so many different ways and finding new opportunities to be kind each day!

Tiny Owl’s upcoming publication Bloom is an example of how kindness and friendship can change your world. It shows the power of affirmation and telling others our feelings. The little girl’s simple, positive words each day keep the flower in bloom, showing children how important what they say is. Being kind to everyone and everything leads to growth, joy and colour in our lives!

Felix After the Rain can be a good place to find help with addressing the difficult and confusing feelings children may be having during this time. Although they may have come to terms with the current lockdown, as it continues to extend their feelings towards it may change. They may understand the necessity while not liking the situation. Felix allows them to see that expressing their dark feelings and talking through them will change how they see their lives. Felix is an important title for children struggling with their mental health and keeping their emotions hidden.

Children are always asking questions in order to understand the world. Amir is scared of the monster under the bed until he gets answers to all his burning questions! An unknown situation can be scarier when we know little about it. Grobblechops highlights the importance of answering children’s questions when they are scared, no matter how far fetched they become! The patience and kindness Amir’s parents showed towards him allowed him to air all of his fears and get solutions to them. Sometimes, a simple conversation can calm the biggest fears.

This Mental Health Awareness Week, let’s keep talking and being kind! Encourage children to ask questions and look for the good in every situation. Talking things through and explaining difficult topics is especially important now. Small acts of kindness can turn someone’s day around and help them keep positive during this difficult time.

Written by Amber Garvey, Tiny Owl intern

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