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We recently sent out the first advance copies of The Secret of the Tattered Shoes, including one to its fabulous author Jackie Morris! It was lovely to hear her reaction to seeing her new book in print. Read her response below!

I have made many books, but it is always exciting to receive an advance copy of a new book. This is no exception. From Tiny Owl Books, illustrated by the astonishing Ehsan Abdollahi. It‘s a book for people. It’s one of those stories you carry with you your whole life.

It concerns a man, traumatised by the choices he has made, tired of life, weary of the world, a wanderer. When I saw how Ehsan had depicted the man I knew he understood this tale as I have told it here.

He wanders, this lost soul, and meets a wise woman who lives in the forest, more at home with the creatures of the world than the human creatures.

She sees the damage to his soul, sends him on his way, hopes he will find peace. Wishes it to be so. And she gives him a gift and a slight piece of advice.


He meets women of another kind and undertakes a task, sure in the knowledge that it will end in his death.

The paintings are so beautiful. With the echo of birdsong in the feathers become leaves. The textures are wonderful, the characters just lovely. Everything about the production of this book is fine. 

The ending might surprise. Does he find the peace his heart seeks, or does he choose death? Thank you so much Ehsan for breathing such incredible and beautiful life into my words. And to Tiny Owl in helping us to realise this dream of a book.

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