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Jackie Morris reading Tiny Owl books

When we think of helping refugees, often the first things to come to mind are the basic essentials: food and shelter, healthcare, clothing. But we should remember too that there are other things that will help someone displaced from their home, far away from everything they know, to turn a survival back into a life. Turning a house into a home can be key to this. What’s one way to do that? With books!

Back in July, we were included in this heartwarming thread of tweets by artist/illustrator Jackie Morris. In it she announced that she was planning to send some of our books to a family of refugees who had recently moved to Pembrokeshire, in order to help them start building a library at home – because, as she says, ‘a library can be the heart of a home’.

Reading books with strong, positive messages about sharing, love, and family, as well as those that don’t shy away from difficult issues, can be reassuring for anyone struggling to make sense of a bewildering new place, and recovering from whatever ordeals they have endured.

She also reminds us that getting to grips with a new language is key to starting to feel at home in a new place – and that this doesn’t need to be at the expense of the mother tongue. Books in translation can help with maintaining this sense of connection to two different cultures.

Jackie recommended eight Tiny Owl titles, as well as three of her own books, six by Karin Celestine and one by Neal Layton. Below you can find a gallery of her photos of all the books she chose! See the links below the gallery for more information about each Tiny Owl book.

Our best wishes go to this family of refugees, and we hope that these books have helped them settle into their new life.

All photos by Jackie Morris.

The Parrot and the Merchant

The Clever Mouse

The Little Black Fish

The Elephant’s Umbrella

When I Coloured In the World

A Bottle of Happiness

A Bird Like Himself

Alive Again


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