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Children consume the pictures in books first!

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Check out what BookBairn has to say about not judging a book like Bloom by its cover…

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We’ve been sent some truly wonderful book of late! They say not to judge a book by its cover but let’s be honest I do that all the time. Because picture books are as much about the pictures as they are about the story for children. They consume the pictures first. They pick up the books and “read” them by themselves using the pictures. When you look through this #bookpostroundup you can see just a snapshot of some of the fantastic range we have in illustration. I particularly love the evocative nature and feeling of movement in the illustrations on Blue Giant. I love the retro feel that harks back to old cookbooks and adverts in Kids Can Cook. I adore the Non-Fiction science series by Eduard Altaribba – the graphic style and bold colours are just so cool. The quirky style of I Can Catch a Monster really brings to life the characters and makes them so expressive. Like the Ocean We Rise cleverly uses a raindrop motif throughout its pages and the beautiful colour palette is just wonderful. I also want to specifically mention Fox in a Box which is self-published because I do not take self-published books very often primarily because I judge the books by their covers. So many self published books fall at that early hurdle for me because the artwork must truly be art. Fox in a box is a great example of an excellent self published book with beautiful art, engaging characters and a deeper message that makes it a book you want to read again and again! And final mention goes to another self-published book: Pete Stays Home about a hibernating bear cub who misses his friends, family and outdoor adventures – a story that will resonate with young people so strongly at the moment. It’s a great book for reflecting our world and helping start conversations and help children understand that now is not forever. And the illustrations are sweet and adorable – a perfect fit for their story! So what about you? Do you judge a book by it’s cover? (Sent by the publishers for review. Some of these books are not yet available to buy but you can preorder them at your favourite bookstore or online. If you need more information on any of the books pop a comment below).

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