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Looking into the belly of your telly can offer up some terrifying images for both adults and children! In this interview with Tiny Owl publisher Delaram Ghanimifard, we talk about how these frightening images inspired the new series of books ‘Hope in a Scary World’, and the importance of hope and kindness in children’s books. The series is launching with Anahita Teymorian’s There’s Room for Everyone, but this exciting and meaningful project has more books in store. Stay tuned in for updates about new additions to the series! 

Delaram Ghanimifard, Tiny Owl’s Publisher

What inspired you to create this series?
We live in a scary world. It has always been scary, but in this era, children are always being exposed to the news and the world around them, and it always seems to be full of dreadful events. It is important for people to be informed about what is happening in the world around them, but children are vulnerable, and we are afraid to say that they seem to be unprotected from the harshness of the world. Everything that is happening in the ‘grown-up’ world is now also affecting them, making it harder to protect them. Even though we try to keep them safe and happy, they still hear what’s happening around them and become worried.
This series was meant to address that problem: we wanted to produce books that show hope and how to cope with the problems in this scary world in a very simple and subtle and childish way.

Why do you think children’s books need to give hope?
I think we underestimate children. We cover their eyes and their ears and hope they won’t see and hear: but they do see, and they do understand. So we need books for children, in their own playful way, to show them what’s wrong with the world and how they can fix it! And that there’s always hope.

The first book in this series is ‘There’s Room for Everyone’. What do you think the message of this book is?
This book is about a big problem: about greed, about people wanting more than they need, but also about acceptance and kindness.

There’s Room for Everyone is the first book in the new Hope in A Scary World series!

We chose this book because even today, we’re still facing problems around refugees and immigration, and people thinking that the world belongs only to themselves. This book was perfect to show how silly that idea was, and how with kindness, we can all live happily in this world.

What gives you hope?
Children give me hope. When my children were small, whenever I was unhappy, scared or depressed, I just looked at them, and I felt that they were what life gives us to keep hope alive. They’re funny, they’re innocent, and simply looking at them gave me hope

Is there more coming to this series? Anything you can discuss or secrets for now?

We have more books to come but they’re surprises…. So keep your eyes out!

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