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Duncan Annand

Our latest wordless picture book, Caged, is on its way, so we thought we’d take the time to introduce the creator behind it all, Duncan Annand.

Duncan Annand is a Cambridge-based former architect, whose skill shines through clearly in the majestic structure created in Caged. Duncan graduated from the MA Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge in 2017. This is his first picture book.

In Caged a bluebird builds her nest next to two eccentric gentlemen who are building a very strange structure indeed. The bluebird watches on as the walls to a palatial birdcage goes up. The men plan to capture many colourful birds in their enormous cage. But when the men step in to admire their structure, the bluebird sees her chance to trap the men with their own ambitions.

Caged is the third in our Wordless Picture Book series, after Chalk Eagle and Little Eli. It will come out on 24 August 2018. 

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