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Baby Elephant has gone missing. We can’t find him anywhere! Unfold the flaps and find other animals and their mummies to ask about his whereabouts.


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What a fabulous review of Where’s Baby Elephant from Let’s Talk Picture Books. Read below!




Where’s Baby Elephant? by Ali Khodai is a super-fun flap book that introduces readers to a plethora of fun animals!

Somewhere in this book an elephant and her baby are hiding, and it’s up to readers to find them! But it’s not quite as straightforward for readers as looking on the page – every spread features a series of flaps that elongates the spread and reveals entirely new friends from the animal kingdom. Ask the lion and his cubs where the elephants are, and they’ll tell you they don’t know, but unfold the flap to find the lions turn into the hedgehogs, which in turn unfolds to reveal a family of orangutans!

The orangutan and her baby haven’t seen Baby Elephant!

The animals are linked by color (rather than physical location or spot in the food chain), with gray penguins turning into gray bears turning into gray elephants. The flaps are consistently on the recto pages and open to the right to reveal each new set of parent-child animals. Khodai cleverly chooses colors that keep readers on their toes and wondering what animals the flaps will reveal, and there’s a small index at the front of the book to remind readers what the official names of baby animals are (a baby orangutan is an infant!) so they can further engage with the minimalistic text.

Neither have the fox family!

Where’s Baby Elephant? published last month from Tiny Owl Publishing!


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