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Tiny Owl’s campaign for more visibility for diverse books continues!

Children from BAME backgrounds aren’t seeing themselves reflected in the books they read. We launched our campaign Diversity Now! to try and change this.

So far our campaign has received a fantastic response. We’ve heard from amazing people including Elizabeth Laird, Jackie Morris and Ken-Wilson Max.

This week we interviewed Fen Coles, co-director of inclusive bookseller Letterbox Library. Fen runs this amazing initiative with her fellow founder and director Kerry Mason. She said “it can be harder for diverse books to get showcased in bookshops and libraries” and that “inclusive books should be part of everyday reading, not an add-on”.

Watch the full interview below!


  • Read our introduction to the campaign
  • Find out what Elizabeth Laird and Jion Sheibani said about diversity!
  • Hear responses from Ken Wilson-Max and Laura Carter.

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