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Expand your learning with the ‘Shahnameh Box’

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Expand the story with the ‘Shahnameh Box’

We’re delighted with this wonderful recommendation from librarian Gillian Harris, MBE over on Schools Library Services. Read Gillian’s review below.

The Shahnameh is a collection of myths written by the 10th Century Iranian poet, Ferdowsi, and The Phoenix of Persia retold by Sally Pomme Clayton is one of those stories.  It tells the story of newborn Prince Zal, whose father banishes him to the forest because of his white hair, where he is adopted and cared for by the wise and benevolent phoenix, Simorgh.

The “Shahnameh Box” was created by the publishers, Tiny Owl, to enable you to expand this story and discover more about the background.  The box contains a range of artefacts, musical instruments, another Shahnameh story and a detailed teacher’s resource book written by Lisa Taner, giving you a wealth of ideas for activities.

First, you can immerse your class in the wonder of the story, find out about the poet, discover oral storytelling traditions, discuss the characters and how they feel, create a classroom performance of the story, and find out what happened next by exploring other stories of the Shahnameh

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