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This year, Iranian illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi faced stress and hassle when trying to get his visa to attend Edinburgh International Book Festival. The problems were eventually resolved, and throughout the process, Ehsan received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement for the public. This beautiful artwork and poem is his own unique way of saying thank you to all who stood with him. Watch the video below!


Illustrator Ehsan Abdollahi at Edinburgh International Book Festival!
Gift your love to my hands,
From your love, I spread my wingsIn the blue sky
I freely soar,
I sing and dance,
I embrace and kiss the clouds
I meet the sun on the way
The clouds cry of happiness and it rains
I hold the hands of rain and the clouds and the sun
And we dance again
And from the magic of love and freedom
our sky becomes colourful
  • An interview with Ehsan
  • Watch Ehsan’s creative book signing!
  • Outcry and support for Ehsan’s cause!

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