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Nahid Kazemi
Nahid Kazemi

The story behind creation of The Orange House. Author’s narrative.

Nahid Kazemi is the creator of The Orange House, and the illustrator of Alive Again. A while ago a review of The Orange House was published by Read it daddy! In her Facebook page, Nahid wrote she was moved by the review. She said how glad she was that the essence of the story had crossed the borders and touched the hearts of people she didn’t know. We asked her what inspired her to write this story? You can read her answer below:

Sometimes simple instances in everyday life inspire me with all their simplicity. It has happened to me that I’ve found my next story from a conversation with a friend. Sometimes a memory stays with me for ages, then after a while it combines with other related memories, it grows, changes, finds its own details and a story will be born. Same happened with The Orange House.

9781910328118I had returned to my birthplace, Shiraz/Iran, after a long time, and was walking in my childhood neighbourhood. Most of the houses in the alley had been replaced by high-rises. The appearance of the streets and alleys had changed a lot. In a narrow alley full of new tall buildings, I saw an old house with a dated orange door. It was as if its owners had abandoned it. It looked like an orphaned child with a shabby dress, who was looking at fashionable stylish people with expensive clothes. It felt as the house had lost its confidence between all the new buildings.

In that moment I wished I could buy the house and renovate it. If it were mine, I would renovate it conserving all its identity, so that it could be proud of its originality among those tall buildings.

The memory of seeing the orange house combined with other experiences of meeting people in different social status. The vulnerable people and those in higher and more powerful situations. And then understanding the individual values and the values of the others.

An extract from The Orange House

In my story, people didn’t help the Orange House, they came to destroy it. But those beautiful, luxurious buildings that the Orange House envied became friends with it and kindly helped it.

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