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We have been asking children’s writers, illustrators, lecturers and journalists:

‘Are picture books for children, or adults can enjoy them just as much?’

Below you will find more answers:


Chris Meade
Chris Meade

Chris Meade:

A great picture book is a joy forever


A great picture book is a joy forever, poetry and visual art combined, unforgettable. Graphic novels can be brilliant too.


*Chris is a writer.




Miriam Halahmy:

I can’t imagine my life without picture books


Miriam Halahmy
Miriam Halahmy

Reading has always been an essential part of my life. I read very widely across fiction, biography, poetry, history and picture books are as much a part of my reading life as all other books. Sometimes picture books express something in a way no other type of book can achieve. One example is The children we remember by Chana Byers Abells about the children who did not survive the Holocaust. It is an utterly amazing, sensitive, wise book which makes the unbearable possible for all ages to engage with. I can’t imagine my life without picture books.


*Miriam is a writer.



Anna Perera
Anna Perera

Anna Perera:

There are no limits age-wise


Picture books are miniature novels for everyone who loves illustrated stories. There are no limits age-wise. From reading to my son Five Minutes Peace sticks in my mind and Winnie-the-Pooh, The Snowman, Dear Zoo, Where’s Spot, The Cat in the Hat. The list is endless. Who can resist browsing them when looking for something to read? The political picture book Goodnight Bush published in 2008 was a great find. Goodbye Cameron anyone?


*Anna is a writer.


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