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Quill Soup is a White Raven 2020!

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We are over the moon to announce that Quill Soup has been awarded a White Raven 2020!

This vibrant and energetic tale, from Alan Durant and Dale Blankenaar, has been selected for International Youth Library Foundation’s annual catalogue of book recommendations in the field of international children’s and youth literature. This year’s “White Ravens” catalogue contains 200 titles in 36 languages from 56 countries!

Read what they had to say about Quill Soup below.

Independent publisher Tiny Owl have set their sight on publishing beautiful, original children’s books from around the world. “Quill Soup” is a retelling of a folk tale known as “Stone Soup” in many countries. For his version, prolific author and poet Alan Durant chose a South African setting and decided to use animals instead of human characters for universality’s sake. After travelling for days without food, Noko the porcupine arrives at a village, but the locals are suspicious of this stranger. Yet when he brings a huge pot of water to the boil and starts making “quill soup”, Monkey, Aardvark, Meerkat, and the others forget their hostility. South African artist Dale Blankenaar’s stunning pictures are influenced by various African art traditions and multi-layered. The brightly coloured scenery with stylised animals in the foreground shows the story as it unfolds, while a more subtle, grey-toned layer in the background symbolises Noko’s home country. Both are brimming with details that will reveal new gems at every re-reading. [CS]

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