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‘My #PictureBookFriday is the thought-provoking Human Town. Tiny Owl Books always have the most gorgeous books with powerful themes, generating discussion & Human Town just does that!’. Find out what else Teacher Tom Griffiths had to say about Human Town below!


Human Town – Alan Durant & Anna Doherty

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Junior and his family are excited to visit Human Town, where they can observe humans in their town. However, they quickly notice the issues which the humans have caused. Could they become extinct?

I always adore reading a Tiny Owl picture book – a meaningful, emotive theme with beautiful, warm illustrations and Human Town clearly fits the bill! It was fascinating reading this with my daughter and seeing it click that this zoo has been flipped where the animals are going to watch humans. There’s a lot of themes to discuss both in the classroom and at home around the elephants’ visit to the humans – what are we doing to our habitat? What do you notice about the pollution? Who caused this? The way this story combines pollution, consumerism and protecting our environment is really clever and thought provoking. Inspiring this young generation to care about their environment and have a voice is essential and I know that Human Town will be a good stepping stone to begin this conversation.

Suggested reading age: 4+

Human Town is written by Alan Durant and illustrated by Anna Doherty. It will be published by Tiny Owl on 5th April 2022. Preorder your copy here.


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