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Back to School – Books to help with the process

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As September is upon us, that can only mean one thing… Back to school – but not quite as before. We wish teachers and families a safe and enjoyable return to school during these unusual times. 

Books can be helpful to children’s reintroduction to their ‘normal’ routine. School will be a bit different now, with precautions in place to make sure each child and teacher is safe throughout the day. Tiny Owl’s Hope in a Scary World series highlights different fears children may have during this time, and shows young readers how to get through struggles or difficulties.

The Hope in a Scary World series shows children the importance of talking to each other and sharing their feelings. Some children may have more trouble adjusting back into school life than others. The most important thing children can do during this time is be kind to each other! Bloom highlights this, through a little girl’s relationship with a blooming flower. Throughout the lockdown, children have been able to keep in contact with each other through video calls. This contact will have brought joy and kindness into their lives, maybe they spoke more to classmates they wouldn’t usually talk to a lot! New friends can make someone’s day! Bloom shows children that others grow through our kind acts. It is important for children to look out for each other and go through this changing time together. 

After staying inside for so long, it may be strange to a child that they can suddenly go outside and head to school again. After coming to terms with the rules they have been following up until now, it may take a while for children to feel comfortable with this new change. They will have endless questions as to why things are different know, as they would have had at the beginning of lockdown too! Felix After the Rain shows us how different Felix feels after opening his suitcase and releasing his feelings. He is lighter, his world is more colourful, and he has lost the heavy load of his dark feelings. Felix shows the importance of children talking to others about their feelings and about how these upcoming changes make them feel, whether it is confused, excited or scared. Every feeling is valid and important to share! By talking it though with friends, parents, and teachers, children will feel more in control of their feelings and emotions.

Every child will have different feelings towards going back to school. While they may be waiting patiently to see all of their friends again, they may still be hesitant to come out of their lockdown life so soon. Tiny Owl hopes their books will be a spark of light and hope in what is going to be a confusing time for all involved. 

Written by Amber Garvey, Tiny Owl intern

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