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It’s Children’s Mental Health Week, and we’re thinking about the ways we can help children to be mindful, fight stress and live happier lives. When I Coloured in the World is a beautiful, contemporary poem that encourages children to change the world around them with colour. Play therapist Amanda Seyderhelm uses this book in her practice to help young children work through their problems. We interviewed her to find out more about play therapy and what made When I Coloured in the World such a useful book. Amanda said that “what’s engaging about When I Coloured in the World is that it gives children choices; it gives them control over their imagination…giving them a sense of curiosity”. She especially praised the illustrations by Ehsan Abdollahi, saying that they’re “very appealing for children…childlike and quirky”. It was great to hear from her what makes certain books therapeutic. Amanda has written her own therapeutic picture book, Isaac and the Red Jumper, to help children cope with the effects of grief.

Watch this video to find out more!

  • Primary school teacher Ed Finch sent a copy of this book to Home Secretary along with a letter; Home Secretary! Use your crayons to paint a fairer world
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