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A colourful event in a nursery in Japan with Tiny Owl book posters

Read a delightful guest blog post by Parisa Mehran!


I am an English teacher/researcher from Iran and currently based in Japan. I actively give talks at universities, events, and conferences about the real Iran and the Iranians behind the news. Recently, I was invited by my friend, Janina Tubby, who is the owner, principal and director of Kobe Bilingual School (KOBILS) to go there on their International Day and introduce Iran and do some activities. I prepared my slides and titled my presentation “Let’s Go to Iran!” (here is the link to the slides).

The day finally came and everything was ready to take the kids to the heART of the real Iran. I started with showing the cat-like map of Iran. I then showed some pictures of cute Persian cats, followed by beautiful Persian carpets. I introduced my hometown, Tehran. I showed photos of Tehran in four seasons and its ski resorts. Then, we travelled first to the lush green forests of northern Iran, then Isfahan known as “half of the world”, Yazd, and finally Shiraz. We visited Persepolis, a fire temple, wind towers, and mesmerizing mosques. I also talked a bit about the Persian New Year.

Afterwards, our culinary journey started and the kids were surprised by the big size of bread in Iran. I also showed photos of Iranian women and Iranian kids in their traditional colorful clothes.

After that, it was time for the most exciting part of the presentation: The Persian language! I had designed three pieces of papers using Tiny Owl’s posters of Hope, Laugh, and Share to write the kids’ name on them. I had the kids choose one of the designs, and I wrote their names in Persian. They were surprised at me writing from right to left. Even teachers found it interesting and I also wrote their names in Persian.

Click image to download poster for When I Coloured In the World
Click image to download poster for A Bottle of Happiness
Click image to download poster for The Elephant’s Umbrella












That was a special day for me. We all laughed together, we shared love, and became hopeful, and I am more than glad that I have got connected to Tiny Owl through Ehsan Abdollahi’s visa story with which I identify as I experienced myself. Following Tiny Owl on Twitter, I got to know more about its beautiful picture books which are for everyone with a Persian flavor. Tiny Owl makes me feel hopeful, happy, and bubbly, and I am looking forward to reading its books in Japanese.






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