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David Cameron may brand desperate refugees as a ‘swarm’, and the press may went to portray them as benefit seeking opportunists, but the nice side of internet has looked beyond the propaganda and showed the refugees at Calais that human kindness still exists.

We first spotted the movement for getting aid to Calais via TV presenter Dawn O’Porter and her tweets; informing us of the address of where to send donations, and just what was needed.

Scrolling through the list; clothes, tents, blankets, food – it seems like a basic list of essentials needed but we decided to donate something not listed – children’s books! Today we sent off a number of our titles and we urge other children’s book publishers to do the same. Reading can present an alternative scenario to the reality they face currently; a welcome distraction – another world to get lost in with a child for a while.

“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are”

While we can’t imagine what those in Calais are going through, we hope our books can offer them just a few minutes distraction from their turmoil. It’s said that books are a uniquely portable form of magic and we’re hoping we’ve sent a little bit of it to the people of Calais.

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