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The Parrot and the Merchant is elegantly retold for modern audiences

We love to hear our readers’ thoughts on our books! Here are some great reviews of The Parrot and the Merchant on Goodreads!

Teacher and librarian Edward Sullivan said: “Rumi’s classic tale about learning to let go of loved ones and set them free elegantly illustrated and retold for modern-day audiences.”

Book blogger Abantika said: “It’s a short translated and illustrated work of Rumi intended for children. A very small edit is done to the original content to give a feminist perspective and I definitely liked it.”

Barbara said: “Adapted from a story by Rumi, a thirteenth century Persian poet, this one has an ending that will surprise readers…The illustrations are filled with lovely colors, a rich tapestry that bears looking at more than once, while the story itself contains an important message as it reminds readers that treating those we love with respect and the same care we would want for ourselves is essential.”

Cat said: “Clever, clever tale! All ages will enjoy this story! I love when people rewrite Rumi’s works to fit their own cultures. Rumi was truly a gifted writer with universal appeal. The illustrations were wonderful. I think this is a book for both my private collection and a suggestion for my library!” She gave it five stars!

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