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Thursday, March 20, is the Persian New Year. They call this day ‘Norouz’ (meaning ‘new day’) and celebrate it as a holiday.
For thousands of years, Persians have held a custom of laying ‘Haftsin Spreading’ (a spreading of seven S’s). Seven things whose Persian names start with the sound ‘S’ are put on this spreading along with a goldfish bowl, coloured eggs, and their holy book.
Coloured eggs are among the symbols of Norouz.
The picture below shows eggs coloured by Marjan Vafayian, a successful Iranian illustrator.
The book ‘The Parrot and the Merchant’, soon to be published by Tiny Owl, is illustrated by her.
Tiny Owl would like to wish everyone, especially our illustrators and authors who have been helping us with our Iranian collection, a happy new year. We hope for a peaceful year, so our children may enjoy better and happier days.

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