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‌Blooming makes us think of Alive Again

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After all the waiting, Norouz (Persian New Year) is finally here! If you look around you can already see the signs: flowers are blooming in all different colours, and the sun is peeking through the clouds. It makes me think of Alive Again, a book filled with rebirth and growth. It teaches us to have hope that the things we’ve come to love will return again. 

A table of Haft Seen (Seven S)

Many people around the world will have been bustling around spring cleaning the house and making sure everything is spic-span. They might even get new sets of clothes and decorate. One of the most important things to prepare is the table of Haft Seen (Seven S) which is a collection of seven items starting with the letter S in Persian. These items all symbolise rebirth and spring: Apples, vinegar, sprouts, sumac, garlic, samanou (wheat pudding), and lotus fruit. The evening will culminate in a meal of rice, herbs and fish, as the old year goes and the new one is welcomed in with kissing and hugging.


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This year Norouz is being celebrated on International Happiness Day, making the holiday even more exciting.  Perhaps this is a sign that the new year will be one filled with gladness. Norouz is already a joyful holiday because it gives people an opportunity to see their loved ones, and to join with them in celebration, giving them gifts as tokens of love and friendship. One of our books, A Bottle of Happiness, shows that true happiness is found when communities come together to sing and laugh. Perhaps, Norouz is the same; there are customs and traditions but when it comes down to it, community, love and friendship are at the heart of the holiday. 

With that in mind we would like to take the opportunity to say Happy New Year to all our Iranian authors and illustrators, and anyone celebrating Norouz. You are part of our Tiny Owl family, and we hope your year ahead it filled with love, friendship and happiness.

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