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By Meghan Sullivan

Is there anything better than hanging out with your pet? Cuddling your cat close on your lap, or seeing your puppy bound towards you? Our pets really are our best friends.

One of my favourite parts of the day is coming home and crunching up my path. The sound of the stones under my feet alerts my two dogs that a visitor is coming! Very exciting! They peer out of the window, sometimes swiping at it with their paws. As I enter they come bounding up to me, jumping up and just generally getting very excited. It’s hard to think of a more enthusiastic welcome.

They also have their own very unique personalities. Dora (one of my dogs) is hyper and huge. She can send chairs flying as she barrels past. But she seems to think she is the size of a chihuahua. Especially when she tries to sit on my lap, winding me with the effort. While Isaac is calmer and more delicate. He trots over puddles and scorns mud. He is a calm old man.

Isaac, Dora and their friend Bobo

Another pet that has a huge personality is Thinker, Jace’s puppy poet. From the moment that Thinker arrives, he tells Jace in no uncertain terms that he will not be labelled a cute name, because he is a poet! He and Jace hang out in the park dropping verse, and he can’t wait to come to school. Thinker really is Jace’s best friend, and he shows that our pets are just as much people as we are. Scaly, furry or feathery, all of our pets are different, and they all deserve to be loved. So today, give your pet a cuddle, read them some poetry, and appreciate them for the amazing animals they are.

Meghan Sullivan is the Publisher’s Assistant at Tiny Owl. 

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