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It’s International Women’s Day! We celebrated with a special episode of Twit Twoo!

The theme for this year’s Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, emphasising the importance of having a gender balance in all aspects of life. There is still a huge gender imbalance in the way women and girls are represented in children’s books. As publishers, we need to address this problem by depicting them in all kinds of different roles to empower children!

We also took a look at our upcoming book Dare! This inspiring poem has a powerful message about individuality and gender equality. We shouldn’t let a child’s gender determine what they can and can’t do!


Watch the video to find out more!

We’ve also created an amazing poster celebrating female characters from our books! You can download it for free here!

  • Watch a video introducing author Lorna Gutierrez
  • Read a blog about author’s visit to London
  • Enjoy a sneak peek reading of Dare by the author!

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