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Pippa Goodhart, author of A Bottle of Happiness, reading to children at Petfringe

Reading can have the power to transform children’s lives. Giving children a love of books is one of the best gifts that you can give them. Today is the day that we celebrate this love of reading while still looking at how we can improve and give every child the chance to be read to.

Not only does being read to everyday increase a child’s reading level, sometimes by one year! Reading books like The New Baby and Me together can help adults prepare children for changes, such as getting a new brother or sister, which lie ahead

Spending time reading to children allows you to have discussions which go further than the last page. If you choose the right books you can show your children the value of empathy, kindness and love all through a fun book. Just take The Elephant’s Umbrella, a tale about a generous elephant who wants to share their umbrella with everyone. Reading about this kind elephant and slightly selfish other animals teaches children the important of sharing. Or perhaps, a book like A Bottle of Happiness can take you and your children on a journey where they explore what real happiness means.

The New Baby and Me, A Bottle of Happiness and The Elephant’s Umbrella

One of the things that A Bottle of Happiness celebrates is the importance of community. The two towns are divided; one is rich while the other is poor. But when Pim visits the richer town with his bottle of happiness, they are soon laughing and hugging each other. They learn to share all they have with their neighbours. This is one the things that International Read to Me day celebrates. It aims to empower children to have conversations about their own literacy with everyone in their community – not just blood relatives. This could be friends, teachers, neighbours. Anyone!  In this way reading together can create a sense of community as people young and old come together to enjoy a good book.

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