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Translating books is so important, and today we celebrate the endless possibilities of sharing stories from all over the world. Books in translation are intriguing in themselves, with the intricacies of language and communication, the delicate nature of meaning and symbolism within stories. What could mean something in one language might mean something different in another. But it’s about more than just words on a page; it’s about the unique cultures, unfamiliar tales and exquisite messages that are portrayed through the translated stories. It is through translated books that children are exposed to new ways of life. They learn about exotic places they’ve never travelled to, interesting people they’ve never met before. Multicultural and diverse stories not only reveal the differences between cultures and individuals, but they reinforce the vitality in accepting and embracing these ways of life. Internationally translated stories project this ethos, among other principles such as ambivalence, empathy, friendship and freedom. International Children’s Book Day is about celebrating stories that welcome multiculturalism and diversity. These stories are bridges that connect children with one another, offer children new persepctives, and bring about a shared experience through reading.

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