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The story of Alive Again is based on a a father-son conversation

By Samantha Brown*

When I was about six, I remember I couldn’t think of a good Father’s Day gift to give my dad. Nothing seemed good enough until I remembered one of my favourite things to do: read. I was constantly reading some sort of book or asking my parents to read one to me. So, for Father’s Day I decided I would create a picture book depicting all of my favourite things I did with my dad. One page had us playing catch while another showed him reading a book to me. For me, it was the perfect gift to combine our favourite things with something I could make and give my dad.


Dads across the world are encouraging children to reach for their dreams and showing their kids all of the opportunities out there through picture books. Celebrating Father’s Day is just one way we show our appreciation to the men who are constant rocks in our life. Dads are always there to answer questions and lend a helping hand in whatever we may be struggling to achieve or understand.


In Alive Again, a father-son relationship is explored through a conversation that touches on all the encouragement and reassurances dads give their children. It reminds us of the way dads are always willing to answer our bombardment of questions, whether it be about a picture book when we’re younger or changing a tyre as we get older.


To all the dads out there, Tiny Owl wants to wish you all a happy Father’s Day!

*Samantha is an intern at Tiny Owl

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