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Written by: K. Arghandehpour

From: When I Coloured in the World by: Ehsan Abdollahi

All of us are prudent when it comes to our children’s world. We want to ensure their happiness if possible by securing a more – much more – peaceful future for them: no more war, no shadow of fear, and no threat of terrorism; rather, an abundance of respect, friendship, and understanding, as well as equality among people of all races, genders, social classes, etc. These are all beautiful and appealing, but the main question is how we can reach this goal. Are we currently heading towards this path or are we relinquishing a more or less acceptable present while nosediving into a dystopian future? These are not very simple questions. All we can say is that humanity has been, and still is, in a constant struggle for a better life that embodies happiness, welfare, health, knowledge, peace and respect. We have to be very careful not to step backwards and not to lose what we have already gained.


from: Alive Again by Nahid Kazemi
from: Alive Again written by Ahmadreza Ahmadi and illustrated by Nahid Kazemi


In recent days, Donald Trump, one of the republican candidates for the U.S. presidency, has stated some threatening and frightfully extreme words. Unfortunately, his extremism will not remain confined within American borders. It will fly everywhere and encourage other extremists. No matter what the beliefs of this or that extremist group or individual may be, extremism reinforces itself. So different extremists might ostensibly seem antithetical, but they nourish each other. Therefore, the whole situation affects political literature globally. This is more likely even now, after the Paris attacks. Trump has pushed the borders of insanity significantly. All he says comes from his instincts, accompanied with the most simplistic solutions: getting rid of the internet, shutting down the entrance of Muslims, building a wall in the border with Mexico, crashing down all the terrorists harshly, and so on and so forth. But the dynamic of the society doesn’t work that simply. That’s why we have to learn from history. One might argue that he hasn’t come into power yet. That is true, but is it wise not to do anything unless he is in power?! Of course not. One may say that he has no chance to be in power according to the polls. We have to bear in mind that populism can spread like wildfire and it calls for more awareness. We think that all he is doing not only affects political literature adversely, but impacts the future of our next generation as well. We have to leave a safe and peaceful world behind for our children. Don’t you agree?

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