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Grobblechops is sumptuously illustrated!

Parents in Touch have written a fantastic review of our new picture book Grobblechops from Elizabeth Laird and Jenny Lucander. Read it below!

Rumi was a 13th century mystic poet and philosopher and this book is based on one of his classic stories. Amir doesn’t want to go to bed, in case there’s a monster hiding under the bed. When his father tries to reassure him, the little boy comes up with a very philosophical thought – what if the monster has a mum and dad too? So Dad reassures Amir that if the monster family comes to play, then the parents will have a good old chat whilst Amir makes a new friend. It’s a lovely take on a common fear and it will alleviate the worries of many children if parents share this reassuring story at bedtime. It’s sumptuously illustrated in rich colours and engrossing detail by Jenny Lucander.

  • Introducing Grobblechops!
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