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Elizabeth Laird has an insightful perspective of a child’s understanding!

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Children’s Books Ireland have written this fantastic and thoughtful review of Grobblechops! Read what Alan O’Rourke had to say below!


Each line and texture manages to create an energy carried throughout the book!

Amir is worried about a monster under the bed. His dad can’t help him because the Monster might bring his own dad. His mum might fight him off, but what if the monster’s mum shows up?

A modern retelling of a tale from Rumi, a 13th-century Persian poet, scholar, and Sufi mystic, this is probably my favourite version of the monster under the bed story.

Writer Elizabeth Laird’s deft writing perfectly handles a child’s fears and logical thought process, and then brilliantly switches it around with how the parents defuse the situation into a win for all sides.

She has a very insightful perspective of a child’s understanding of the world that is exceedingly difficult to capture. And she does it with tremendous heart.

I started out not liking the illustrations from Jenny Lucandar, but by the end found them a perfect match, from how she depicts the chaos of the house and child’s bedroom, to the ferociousness of the monsters and how she then manages to make them look lovable. Not to mention the human characters and their emotions. Each line and texture manages to create an energy that is carried throughout the book. I especially loved the mum’s entrance when she is called in to kick butt.

Tales by Rumi is a series of books from Tiny Owl and based on the quality of this I will be checking out the others. It is a recommended read for kids aged 4-5, or whenever they start getting worried about the monster under the bed.

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