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Grobblechops is a beautifully illustrated picture book!

Primary school teaching assistant Lesley McFarlane wrote a great review of our book Grobblechops! Read it below!

A thirteenth century poet, philosopher, and mystic, as inspiration for a children’s book?! A story about a monster under the bed?! To say I was sceptical is an understatement.

However, I was also intrigued and so I dived in!

The thought of monsters under the bed, is a tale as old as humans. What might lurk in the dark? And what might it be capable of? In this great book lies the story of just that. What if the monster wants to eat me up? What if dad and mum can’t fight it…and it has an equally scary mum and dad of its own?

Lesley Macfarlane

In this beautifully illustrated book, Dad manages to get his son to a place where he feels that the problem of the monster under the bed may not be as scary as he thought. Dad cleverly calms his son’s fears by answering his questions, he doesn’t tell him that such things don’t exist, but that everything can be resolved (mum waving the umbrella, genius!)

Just a word or two of credit to the artist Jenny Lucander. I absolutely love her illustrations! The house is a typical family abode. Goggles on the bathroom floor, who doesn’t need goggles in the bath? The teddy giving all its feelings away with so few movements. The way she has made all the characters display emotions without over-stressing their facial expression, so clever. I love the way she manages to portray the character’s movement. The word and pictures just work perfectly.

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