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Grobblechops will resonate with anyone who has tried to quell the fears of a child!

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We’re delighted with this lovely Instagram review of Grobblechops from The Tiny Activist! Check it out below!

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Grobblechops opens with a little boy named Amir and his dad getting ready to go to bed. Amir is pretty worried that a monster might be hanging around, and Amir’s dad doe this bets to settle Amir’s fears by explaining all the reasons that a monster wouldn’t be interested in eating any member of their family. Some potential solutions involve shaking a frying pan, flapping an umbrella, and sitting around talking (because adults are too tired to fight, especially in the evenings). Overall, the story is very humorous and will resonate with anyone who has tried to quell the fears of a tiny human in an attempt to make them go to sleep. The book also ends with a lovely message to get to know someone (or something!) before deciding that it’s scary or a threat. Grobblechops is a very sweet story, and we love how much movement is conveyed within the illustrations! We also chose this book today because it’s Lee’s birthday! They enjoyed it very much because Grobblechops is humanized throughout the story and takes something fantastical and turns unexpected when the monsters sit down with Amir’s parents for cookies to chat. This book was sent to us by @tiny_owl_publishing for consideration in the Best Books of 2019 List, but all opinions and decision to review are our own. . . . #picturebooksaremyjam #picturebooks #librariansofinstagram #monsters #bedtime #bedtimestories #bedtimeroutine #weneeddiversebooks #education #socialemotionallearning #inclusion #socialemotionaldevelopment #diversity #childrensbooks #childrenslit #diversekidlit #secularhomeschool #librariansofinstagram #teachersfollowteachers

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