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Grobblechops helps children deal with their fears

Books for Topics have included Grobblechops in their list of books to support children’s mental health awareness. Here’s what they said…

This month, we’ve been asking our community of primary teachers, TAs, children’s authors, librarians and book lovers to nominate their favourite books that open up conversations about mental health in age-appropriate ways.This is what they told us…

Nominated by: Melissa Jordan (@melissacreate15), Children’s bookseller and reading for pleasure advocate at

“A retelling of a tale by Rumi, an ancient Persian poet. On one level this is the story of a boy who is too scared to go to bed because of the monster under the bed. The boy’s dad gently encourages him to make friends with the monster so he won’t be scared of it anymore. In the story, the boy and his dad also discover that fighting the monster doesn’t get them anywhere. With universal messages of acknowledging and making friends with your fears, and that trying to fight what we are scared of is rarely the answer, this will resonate with children (and adults) of all ages. It might also help children deal with their anxiety over making new friends.”

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