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Book Trust have chosen Grobblechops for their list of picture books to help you talk about tough topics. Here’s what they said:

Reading together is a wonderful way to support your child’s mental health, even when they’re young.

Sharing picture books and talking about the words and images you see can help you to gently introduce topics which might seem tricky to talk about at first. It also provides an opportunity to spend special one-on-one time with your child where they feel supported and listened to.

In this list you’ll find book suggestions covering a wide range of emotions and experiences including anxiety, sadness, loss and worry about starting school.

You can find more about how shared reading can support your child’s emotional wellbeing on our Time to Read page.

Grobblechops is a stunningly illustrated reworking of a classic “monster under the bed” story, which helps defuse the fear for the next generation of youngsters.

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